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Please provide a detailed description of the work you
are requesting in the box below.  If you are seeking
repair or restoration estimates you will need to e-mail
photographs to me or arrange to bring your piece to
my shop for evaluation.
If you are an individual seeking restoration, repair,
or to commission a unique piece of furniture or art,
please e-mail us with a thorough description of
how you think we may help you.  

We are happy to repair, refinish, or restore your
wood, marble, glass, porcelain,  or art pieces and
welcome you as a new customer.

If you are a claims adjuster or customer service
representative, e-mail or fax us your work request
and we will process it immediately with 24 hour
customer contact and notify you with status
For individuals
seeking repair work,
please note that
minimum charges
apply for any and all
shop work.

Commercial and
existing and past
clients are given
priority and new
clients are evaluated
on a per case basis

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