Before & After Examples
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These examples demonstrate how our team can restore
your damaged pieces back to their original beauty! Click
on the images to enlarge.

Roccoco Style Wall Mirror
This is a hand carved Italian Renaissance Rococo Style
18th Century reproduction wall mirror measuring 54.5” x
88.5”. The top 12" of this highly carved frame was missing
completely. A new section had to be hand carved from a
block of Tulip wood to match the existing carvings in the
frame, grafted to the frame, finished, and glazed to match.
Test fitting the rough blank
of the new finial.
After glue-up and initial color
After glaze and new lacquer
The completed piece.
Chippendale Arm Chair, circa 1760-1780
Authentic Chippendale mahogany armchair with knuckle
arm terminals, Philadelphia, circa 1760-1780. The back
elements were shattered and split in approximately 12
places. Several pieces of the chair back were missing
and new ones had to be carved, grafted, stained and
finished to match.
Rear of the chair back
showing multiple breaks and
missing wood.
Rear of the chair back after
restoration work has been
The front of the chair back
showing breaks, missing
wood, and deep splits in the
The front of the chair back
after completed restoration
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and after examples
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