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Scandinavian Oak Desk
The end panel on the desk
return had been completely
broken out and the veneer
severely damaged.
A new end panel was
designed and built. New
veneer was carefully
selected to match the
original grain pattern and
was finished to match the
original desk parts. This
shows the completed desk
Antique Pembroke style Walnut drop-leaf table
This is a gate leg, Pembroke style table. The table top
has been broken in half length-wise and was also torn
loose from the rest of the table. The broken table top was
re-joined with 10 biscuits and reattached to the table
base. The finish on the top then had to be restored.
Top is split and broken loose
from table base (before)
Repaired table (after)
Contemporary Geometric Painting
This painting, purchased from the Philadelphia Museum of
Art around 1970 suffered a puncture through the canvas
and a fair amount of scraped paint around the puncture.
The canvas was patched and the gouges and scrapes in
the paint and canvas were filled and the color replaced
and sealed.
Punctured and scraped  
Patched and restored (after)
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