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Typical repair of missing leg parts on
Mahogany DR chair
The lower third of the front left serpentine leg on this
vintage Dining Room chair was snapped off and lost
during the chair owner’s move. A new leg part was carved
from Mahogany and grafted to the stump of the original
leg. The new leg part was then stained, finished and
distressed to match the rest of the chair.
On-site repair of broken footboard post cap
The end cap on this footboard of a king bed was snapped
off. A new part was created, grafted, and finished to
match the rest of the bed.
Rebuilt Upright Piano
This ”Hazelton” Upright Spinet piano, manufactured by
Kohler & Campbell in 1972, suffered extensive damage
and was picked up as a pile of parts from the shipper's
garage. The legs were broken off of the piano case, there
were numerous dents, gouges, and scrapes in the finish
and broken casework.   
Piano as picked-up from
customer’s garage.
After being rebuilt in the shop
just prior to being prepped for
Repaired Lamp
This vintage enameled porcelain lamp had a broken neck
and a large chip of porcelain missing from the neck. The
lamp was repaired with a catalyzed epoxy and
re-enameled and then re-lacquered.
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I wanted to take a
moment to say "thank
you" for your
informative report
and the prompt
attention that you
gave to our customer.
I want to thank you
for working with a
difficult customer and
helping (client name
withheld) to "make
things right".  You
never complained
once.  (Client name
withheld) has a
quality pledge that in
part states, "Our goal
is to maintain lasting
relationships by
providing outstanding
service every time;
satisfying the
customer no matter
how great the
challenge.  You
stepped up to the
challenge and
provided outstanding
service without one
complaint.  You went
above and beyond for
us and our "difficult"
customer. Thank

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